What to Consider Giving - Best Wedding Favors

Updated: Mar 24

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If you want to offer your guests wedding favors, please keep it in your mind that the gift should come from your heart.

It should be something that guests can take home and will remind them of your unique wedding day. Are wedding favors necessary?

Giving wedding favors is a very old tradition. You should consider giving favors if your budget allows it.

Wedding gifts must not exclusive or expensive...it really is the thought that counts.

There are many wedding favors ideas available online and the gifts you can get for low cost.

The average price range for each gift is from $3 to $10 per person. Take a favor that suit your wedding theme and is meaningful to you and your guests. What kind of favor will be the best?

You will find different types of wedding favor ideas, some of them are: Personalized and fancy wrapped food, candy bars, glass and crystal, silver made products, a personal photo of you and your partner, a.s.o.

It is always good to use your theme, if you have one. Get inspired from your wedding theme and match the favors to your beach wedding theme for example.

If you don't have a theme: Go for a seasonal or personalized favor.

Today couples prefer personalized favors for their wedding, because they are reflecting the personality of the bride or groom.

You will find many suppliers online, which are offering traditional and personalized wedding favors.

Get your inspiration from web shops and select those, which are matching your theme, your personality and your budget.

For example you can purchase a candle-lit sailboats on a nighttime harbor or a wonderful heart-shaped coasters with photo frame center.

Those favors your guests can take home and enjoy time and time again.

How I should present the favors?

There are many options to present the wedding gifts to your guests.

One is to offer the favor directly at the reception and welcome your guests. But this can cause problems for your guest. Where to put the gift during the wedding?

Another option is to put the gifts for your guests on their place next to the name cards on the dining table. A favor can also be a part of your table decoration. But another problem arises: Your guests may forget to take the favor before they leave.

To consider all circumstances, I think the best way to say "thank you" to your guests is, when the bride and the groom present the wedding favor before the guests leave.

When you want to give one favor per guest, order some extra wedding favors. Some of your guests want more than one gift.

It is always good to have some more favors on hand, for those guests and friends, who were not able to attend your wedding or unexpected guests.

Plan ahead! Give yourself plenty of time to find the right unique wedding favor. Make sure to research the different online sites, retail shops for the perfect wedding favor.

Unique wedding favors are wonderful to share your love with friends and family. It is that special finishing touch to your wedding day.

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