Wedding Favors Ideas

Updated: Mar 24

Choosing the best wedding favor ideas involves putting a lot of thought in saying thank you to your guests. It is not necessarily required for every couple to give wedding favors to their guests; however including favors in the wedding budget is commonplace these days.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Favors

Normally, these wedding favors are prearranged on each seating arrangement during the wedding reception. This makes it very convenient for the guests to obtain the favors after the course of the occasion. However, if you don't want to place the wedding favors along with the seating plan, it will be advisable if you place them in a single area, preferably by the doorway. This way it will be easier for your visitors to grab one as they pass by the entry or exit way.

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Take account of your budget and make sure that the types of wedding favors you will be distributing are well within your means. These favors range from the affordable ones to the more posh and consequently, more expensive ones. Take stock of your budget and spend only what you can for favors.

The most popular wedding favor ideas are typically those which have a significant meaning for the couple. For example, you can have something that represents your journey as a couple together, or something that is practical and useful so your guests will keep on using them long after the occasion is over. In this manner, you will be best remembered by your favors, which can either be placed as a décor or used for everyday.

When choosing wedding favors that can be used everyday, you can add a dash of personality to them either by engraving or by printing the couples' initials on them. Great ideas for wedding favors include mini wine glasses, shot glasses or candleholders. These can always be used at home or during parties.

Flower themed favors are one of the choices most beloved especially by brides. Flower seeds or already blooming flower plants make wonderful souvenir items for wedding guests and visitors. You can save on your budget by getting your wedding florist to do your flower favors as well.

One of the more humanitarian forms of distributing favors is choosing a specific charity. You and your spouse can pinpoint a charity where you can donate the budget for the specific charity. It will be wiser however to make a background check on the newer charities to find out if these are legally established and in actual operations.

Candies and chocolates are actually great wedding favor ideas. While food favors are always at risk for spoilage, candies and chocolates have longer shelf life. You can choose from dark chocolates, M&M's chocolates, and other sugared treats. Not only are they instant favorites, they are convenient to pack and to transport as well. Favors will serve as a reflection of your style, as well as a manifestation of your gratitude to the people who have been a part of this most important occasion. If you want to impart a memorable impression on your celebrated day, say it with the wedding favors, and your friends and guests will remember the occasion for a long time.

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