Moissanite Engagement Rings

Updated: Apr 10

A True Alternative

To honestly believe that diamonds are the only acceptable gift for lovers is akin to purporting that coca is only drink that tastes good. If you believe a marketing slogan, as some kind of unequivocal truth, then you should read a book and find better ways to spend your money. Cubic zirconia and moissanite engagement rings should be perfect alternatives, but people still seem to favor the very expensive diamonds.

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Firstly, it is important to say that I wish I had the brain of the De Beers head of advertising. To come up with that whole, "diamonds are forever thing" is gutsy and genius in equal proportions. It's gutsy because he hoped that people were stupid enough to buy into the slogan, and it was genius because the general public actually turned out to be that intellectually incapacitated.

We need to find away to break down the myth that the hardness of compressed carbon has anything to do with how much you love someone. Diamonds may be forever, but this has nothing to do with the feelings you have for a woman or man. When we give someone a gift, we hope that they will see it as beautiful. We don't expect them to bite onto it and then exclaim, "Oh, this is hard. It's a really great gift." Aesthetic appeal, then, should be the main consideration when it comes to the successfulness of a gift.

Now, if there was a stone that was so similar to diamond that even jewelers battled to distinguish it, then wouldn't you agree that this could be reasonable alternative? Such a gemstone does exist and it's called moissanite.

This laboratory grown gemstone is equally beautiful and it can be cut into any shape that a diamond can. The stone is also more affordable because it doesn't have to be excavated from the earth and then transported all over the world.

We live in the age of reason, but people still seem hindered by the proclivity to believe random marketing slogans. We should all try to find some way to profit from the gullibility of the public in the hope of making some cash. The only reason that moissanite engagement rings aren't as popular as diamonds is because they don't have a genius advertiser in their midst; hopefully, the De Beers guy will head over to the moissanite lab soon.

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