Man Made Diamonds - The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Mined Stones

Updated: Mar 24

When we think about diamonds, most of us imagine stones forged deep in the earth for millions of years. However, due to increasing environmental concerns over mined gems, more and more people are choosing more reasonably priced man-made stones instead.

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The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Mined Stones

A beautifully cut diamond is a joy to behold, and traditionally, it has been a token of love and commitment. Unfortunately, most people don't realize the impact that mining these gems has on the Earth. It can require the removal of as much as a ton or rock and earth to recover a single one-carat stone. Open pit mining is definitely not a joy to behold. It leaves a tragic and ugly scar upon a once beautiful landscape.

Even worse, this kind of mining destroys the local eco-system, pollutes the environment, and adversely affects all local residents, animals and humans alike. Just try imagining the long term effects of releasing huge amounts of cyanide and mercury (the products used to free gems from their rock casings) into streams and rivers. It's not a pretty picture. Fortunately, man-made diamonds offer an excellent alternative to supporting this eco-disaster.

Created stones are produced in the controlled environment of a lab. A diamond seed is placed in a carbon environment, heated and pressurized, and allowed to grow "molecule by molecule" just as it would deep down in the Earth's crust. The only resource used in lab creation is a small amount of electricity. No harmful products like cyanide or mercury are involved, no tearing apart the earth is required, and no local residents have to suffer, as occurs in some of the diamond mines. Up to four percent of the total mined supply of these gems is composed of conflict or "blood" diamonds, which are sold to fund acts of war and terrorism.

Even in countries such as Canada, where war and terrorism is not an issue, mining still adversely impacts the environment. Fortunately, Canadians have created much higher standards to protect the environment as much as possible. Monitoring of Canadian mines is continuous and stringent. In an effort to distinguish Canadian stones from others, a microscopic polar bear or maple leaf is inscribed on as many as possible. While this certainly helps identify more eco-friendly natural stones, man-made gems still have the least environmental impact.

The good news is that lab grown gems are the real thing. They are identical physically, chemically and optically to natural mined stones. They have the same brilliance and sparkle. They are even recognized and graded as diamonds by leading gemological laboratories. And it only gets better - while colored "fancy" diamonds are rare in nature and extremely expensive, lab created gems in vibrant shades like pink, green, blue, yellow, and red cost about one-third less than their mined counterparts.

Gem-quality lab produced diamonds are such a recent development that most jewelry stores don't yet offer them. However, these stunning gems are available for purchase online through reputable companies. Man-made gems are the perfect choice for you or your socially and environmentally conscious loved one.

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